Helping You Clear the Air on TO-15 Project Set-up

Helping You Clear the Air on TO-15 Project Set-up

As a leader in environmental laboratory testing, Merit Laboratories’ team of project managers and client service professionals takes pride in providing guidance to clients when setting-up projects that require analytical services.  We’ve recognized that sampling for vapor intrusion and indoor air projects often lead to the most questions from environmental consulting clients.

Here are some key questions and points to consider to successfully set-up a TO-15 air sampling project:

  • What type of air project are your supporting: soil gas/sub-slab or indoor air? 
  • How many air samples will you be collecting?
  • If you are collecting indoor air samples, will you need 8-hour, 10-hour, 12-hour, or 24-hour flow controllers?
  • If you are collecting soil gas/sub-slab samples, will you need the helium shroud for sample collection?
  • Do you need any sampling guidance or instructions?
  • What compounds do you need to have analyzed for this project?
  • Do you have any specific reporting limits that need to be achieved for this project?
  • Will you need to collect a duplicate sample?
  • Would you like the sampling media to be batch-certified or individually-certified?

This list will provide you with a solid starting point for working with Merit Laboratories to set-up your next air project.  Merit Laboratories performs laboratory testing to support air projects at sites throughout the United States.  Analytical testing performed by Merit includes the analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by EPA Method TO-15. Merit is NELAP-accredited for the analysis of VOCs by TO-15.  The laboratory maintains a large stock of sample collection media to air projects, including bottle vacs, Silonite™ Ceramic Coated canisters, flow controllers and helium shrouds.

Please contact Merit Laboratories to learn more about how we can support your air sampling project testing needs.