Quality Leads the Way

Merit Laboratories is recognized throughout the United States for its consistent quality commitment and outstanding performance. Clients are secure knowing that Merit performs the overwhelming majority of all analytical testing by a single laboratory facility, following a consistent set of analytical guidance precepts. Because all analytical testing will be performed at our East Lansing laboratory, there is never a doubt that all laboratory analysis will be performed following the program requirements. Merit considers analytical quality to be paramount and has incorporated it as the primary stanchion of its efforts to maintain its standing at the forefront in the industry. 



Quality Assurance System

Merit Laboratories has developed a quality assurance system (QAS) that controls our operations for producing valid and usable analytical data.  Our QAS reflects our guiding philosophy that quality control is the cornerstone of our laboratory operations, emphasizing defensibility and traceability of our analytical results. 


Merit Laboratories participates in numerous Performance Testing (PT) programs, routinely scoring high marks for quality.  A few of the PT programs in which we participate include Water Pollution (WP), Water Supply (WS), Air & Emissions (AE), NELAC Potable Water, NELAC Non-Potable Water and Hazardous Waste, and Phenova Soil and Hazardous Waste.  Over the last five years, we have averaged 98.2% for all PT programs.




Merit Laboratories has developed a rigorous and robust quality assurance system. All policies and procedures have been structured in accordance with the most recent version of National Environmental Laboratory Accrediting Program (NELAP), the Department of Defense Quality Systems Manual (DoD QSM), International Standard Organization (ISO)/IEC 17025:2005, standards, and in accordance with applicable state, EPA, and other regulations, methods requirements, and guidance.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Merit Laboratories routinely provides its clients with SOPs for inclusion with Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) and other program submittals.  Please contact us for our SOPs and we'll be quick to respond.



Method development

Merit routinely performs method development to support new analytical testing requirements. We take tremendous pride in working with our clients to provide full-service laboratory testing. Please contact us if you have a new testing requirement and are in need of a laboratory partner.  We are the perfect size to provide flexible and quick response to support your new method development needs.