Just the Facts! PFAS Fact Sheets Published by ITRC

Just the Facts!   PFAS Fact Sheets Published by ITRC

The Interstate Regulatory Technology Council (ITRC) just published three new fact sheets on Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) along with one updated fact sheet.  The four fact sheets address important topics related to PFAS remediation technologies, sample collection, laboratory methods, environmental fate and transport, and more. These four PFAS updates from ITRC are the most current guidance available and will provide environmental professionals with detailed information on PFAS:

The fact sheet on sample collection and laboratory methods will guide environmental professionals through specific PFAS sampling procedures and method selection. The sample collection requirements for PFAS that are covered include groundwater, surface water, pore water, and soil.  According to the ITRC, sampling conducted to determine PFAS concentrations in water, soil, sediment, air, biota and other sources is similar to that for other chemical compounds with several additional specific considerations and protocols. If regulatory procedures, methods, or guidelines are inconsistent with the needs of a PFAS sampling program, then the governing  agency should be contacted directly to determine an alternate approach or if an exception can be made. Other considerations for PFAS sampling include low laboratory detection limits, state and federal screening levels, and in some cases, cleanup criteria and potential for background concentrations of PFAS in the environment. 

The fact sheet on Remediation Technologies and Methods explores the treatment techniques for solid and liquid matrices.  Solid remediation treatment covered include capping, excavation and disposal, sorption and stabilization, and thermal techniques.  The liquid techniques discussed include sorption (e.g., granular activated carbon), precipitation/flocculation/coagulation, redox manipulation, and membrane filtration.  

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