At Last! EPA Finally Validates PFAS SW-846 Method 8327

At Last! EPA Finally Validates PFAS SW-846 Method 8327

The highly anticipated PFAS method is finally released by federal environmental regulators.  And with it comes the hopeful expectation that it will eventually standardize PFAS testing, replacing the myriad of modified methods being employed for non-potable water testing.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally validated EPA SW-846 Method 8327 for the analysis of PFAS using LC/MS/MS instrumentation for non-potable water. Sample matrices for EPA 8327 include surface water, groundwater water, and wastewater. The method evaluated 24 PFAS compounds.

EPA 8327 is nearly identical to ASTM Method D7979 with Isotopic Dilution, which Merit has been performing since early 2018 after it was approved and published by ASTM D19 for non-drinking water matrices. It was expected that EPA 8327 would be similar to ASTM D7979, which proved to fortuitous.

Following a multi-laboratory validation study, EPA 8327 is now released as a draft validated method with a 30-day public commend period. It is expected that upon closing the comment period, EPA will review comments, revise the method as necessary for finalization, and incorporate it in the Test Method for Evaluating Solid Waste (SW-846).

The method notes a sample holding time 28 days from the date of sample collection to sample prep/extraction. Sample extracts should then be analyzed within 30 days of preparation. It should be noted that sample prep method EPA 3512 is referenced for water matrices. The following PFAS compounds are referenced in the EPA 8327:

  • PFTeDA

  • PFTrDA

  • PFDoA

  • PFUdA

  • PFDA

  • PFDS

  • PFOS

  • PFNA

  • PFNS

  • PFOA

  • PFHpS

  • PFHxS

  • PFHpA

  • PFHxA

  • PFBS

  • PFPeS

  • PFPeA

  • PFBA

  • FOSA

  • 4:2 FTS

  • 6:2 FTS

  • 8:2 FTS



Merit is a national leading PFAS environmental laboratory, analyzing soil, wastewater, groundwater, drinking water, and other sample matrices. Merit is certified for the analysis of PFAS by ISO/IEC 17025. Analytical method certification for PFAS includes drinking water by EPA 537 rev. 1.1 and wastewater | groundwater | surface water by ASTM D7979 with Isotopic Dilution. Please contact Merit Laboratories for assistance on your PFAS testing needs.