Michigan EGLE PFAS Map Tracker Confirms Growing Number of PFAS Contaminated Sites

Residents can now track the locations of PFAS sites in Michigan, which continues to grow. According to the most recent update to the PFAS Map Tracker from the Michigan EGLE (formerly MDEQ), the number of confirmed PFAS contaminated sites has grown to 52. The PFAS site map shows sites spread across Michigan.  

EGLE’s PFAS map viewer provides users with general information on the site name, location and address, description of the site, and a link to site-specific background, data, PFAS contaminants, site history, and recent activities. As an advisory body to the EGLE, the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART) maintains the site tracker of locations of confirmed detections of PFOA and PFOS in groundwater. 

The EGLE’s number of 52 confirmed PFAS sites with groundwater contamination in Michigan is significantly lower than the 192 sites detailed in a recent report released by Northeastern University’s SSEHRI and the Environmental Working Group. Officials and scientists maintain that Michigan is taking a lead role in aggressively looking for PFAS contamination. The number of PFAS contaminated sites in other states is expected to grow significantly as more states begin to investigate the presence of the PFAS “forever chemicals.” All told, the EWG/SSEHRI report shows more than 600 sites in the United States in 43 states, impacting the drinking water of nearly 19 million people.

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