2019 Bioremediation Symposium Brings Together 700 Professionals from 28 Countries

International scientific leaders are coming together to participate in the 2019 Bioremediation Symposium and Sustainable Environmental Technologies. Merit Laboratories will be attending this international symposium, which is being held April 15-18 in Baltimore. 

The Bioremediation Symposium is an international scientific forum for sharing research results, practical experiences, and opportunities associated with advances in bioremediation and green and sustainable practices in remediation. Several sessions focus on treatment technologies for emerging contaminants, including per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).  

Nearly 500 platforms and posters will be presented in 48 breakout sessions. Sessions and panels include the following thematic tracks:

  • Characterization and Remediation of PFAS

  • Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR)

  • Bioremediation Implementation Practices

  • Application of Bioremediation to Complex Sites

  • Biodegradation of Emerging Contaminants

  • Sustainable Site Management Strategies

  • Innovations in Bioremediation Technologies

  • Evaluating and Mitigating Vapor Intrusion

  • Advanced Tools for Assessing Bioremediation

  • Managing Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Impacted Sites

In addition to the 2019 Bioremediation Symposium in Baltimore, Merit Laboratories will be attending the:

  • Department of Defense Environmental Data Quality Workshop (DoD EDQW): May 13-16, 2019 Orlando, Florida 

  • Environmental Issues Forum (Michigan State Chamber of Commerce): May 21, 2019 Lansing, Michigan

  • AIPG Michigan Section Technical Workshop: June 11-12, 2019 Roscommon, Michigan

  • 2019 Michigan Water Environmental Association (MWEA) Annual Conference: June 23-26 2019 Boyne Mountain, Michigan

  • National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC): August 5-9, 2019 Jacksonville, Florida

Merit is one of the nation’s leading environmental testing laboratories, analyzing soil, wastewater, groundwater, drinking water, and other sample matrices at our laboratory in East Lansing, Michigan for a diverse range of analytical parameters, including PFAS.  Merit is certified for the analysis of PFAS by ISO/IEC 17025. Analytical method certification for PFAS includes drinking water by EPA 537 rev. 1.1 and wastewater | groundwater | surface water by ASTM D7979 with Isotopic Dilution. Please contact Merit Laboratories for assistance on your environmental testing needs.