DoD ELAP WBE and SBE Laboratory Services

DoD ELAP WBE and SBE Laboratory Services

Did you know that Merit Laboratories is designated as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Woman-Owned Small Business (WBE/WOSB)?  

As part of our SBE and WBE status, we help prime contractors supporting federal and state projects meet subcontracting goals and obligations. In FY2018, the Department of Defense has established a small business subcontracting goal of 33% for prime contractors supporting the DoD. Merit can help you meet these goals and provide you with outstanding analytical data quality and service.

Merit has a solid track record of supporting DoD projects and programs. One recent example is our support for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) cleanup project associated with the Northern California Wildfires. As part our support, we analyzed more than 4,000 soil samples for heavy metals over several sample collection events following an expedited emergency turnaround time. Merit’s team worked through nights, weekends, and holidays to ensure the USACE received the analytical data within 24 hours to support the emergency response effort. As a result of our outstanding TAT performance, the USACE and its prime contractors were able to successfully interpret the analytical data to help make important decision in the field to support the cleanup.

Merit Laboratories maintains DoD ELAP accreditation. Merit’s DoD ELAP accreditation includes aqueous and solid sample matrices for a diverse range of analytical methods for organics, wet chemistry, and metals.

The DoD ELAP covers environmental programs at DoD operations, activities, and installations, which also includes formerly used defense sites (FUDS).  The DoD ELAP accreditation is specific to sample matrix, analytical method, parameters, compounds, and elements. DoD ELAP accreditation is based upon the DoD Quality Systems Manual (DoD QSM). 

Please contact Merit Laboratories to learn more how about we can assist you in achieving your SBE and WBE subcontracting goals by partnering with us for environmental laboratory testing services.