Superfund Sites Targeted for Immediate, Intense Action

Superfund Sites Targeted for Immediate, Intense Action

The U.S. EPA Superfund Task Force recently announced the list of Superfund Sites Targeted for Immediate, Intense Action. Here’s the list by EPA Region, along with the site name, state, status in the National Priority List, and brief summary.


EPA Region 1

  • Site: Mohawk Tannery | State: New Hampshire | NPL Status: P

Summary: Critical Removal Action and facilitate redevelopment with interested developers.

  • Site: Centredale Manor Restoration Project | State: Rhode Island  | NPL Status: F

Summary: On the NPL for an extended period of time. Litigation with Potentially Responsible Party has delayed implementation of the remedy.


EPA Region 2

  • Site: American Cyanamid Co. | State: New Jersey | NPL Status: F

Summary: Issue Proposed Plan for public comment.

  • Site: Diamond Alkali (Upper Lower Passaic) | State: New Jersey | NPL Status: F

Summary: Finalize the Remedial Investigation and consider taking early actions.

  • Site: Ventron/Velsicol (aka Berry’s Creek) | State: New Jersey | NPL Status:F

Summary: Issue Proposed Plan for public comment.


EPA Region 3

  • Site: L. A. Clarke & Son | State: Virginia  | NPL Status: F

Summary: On the NPL for an extended period of time. Dispute with Potentially Responsible Party regarding OU2 work plan for groundwater.  Need resolution on issue to determine if party will perform work, or if formal dispute resolution is invoked.


EPA Region 4

  • Site: B.F. Goodrich State  Kentucky  | NPL Status: F

Summary: Proposed remedy out for comment. Comments will be considered and addressed in the Record of Decision.

  • Site: Mississippi Phosphates Corporation  | State: Mississippi | NPL Status: P

Summary: Potential release of hazardous waste to environmentally sensitive area/NPL listing for remedial takeover.


EPA Region 5

  • Site: U.S. Smelter and Lead Refinery (USS Lead/East Chicago)  | State: Indiana NPL Status: F

Summary:  In Operable Unit 1-Zone 1 land use decision/Proposed Plan release. Complete all soil remediation in Operable Unit 1-Zones 2 and 3. 

  • Site: Allied Paper/Portage Creek/Kalamazoo River  |  Michigan  |  NPL Status: F

Summary: Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study delays caused by litigation. Resolve issues expeditiously.


EPA Region 6

  • Site: Tar Creek (Ottawa County) | State: Oklahoma |  NPL Status: F

Long term stewardship/Implement institutional controls to protect cleanup.

  • Site: San Jacinto Waste Pits |  State: Texas |  NPL Status: F

Summary: Initiate and complete Remedial Design/Remedial Action negotiations and sign Consent Decree.


EPA Region 7

  • Site: Des Moines TCE (Dico Company) |   State: Iowa   |  NPL Status: F

Summary: Delayed by litigation. Initiate actions to allow revitalization of the site. 

  • Site: West Lake Landfill |  State: Missouri  |  NPL Status: F

Summary: Develop a preferred alternative and issue Proposed Plan.


Region 8

  • Site: Bonita Peak Mining District  |  State: Colorado |  NPL Status: F

Summary: Remediation plan with short- and long-term objectives.

  • Site: Anaconda Co. Smelter |  State: Montana  |  NPL Status: F

Summary: Initiate and complete negotiations to begin implementation of early actions to address human health exposure, followed by site wide work.

  • Site: Silver Bow Creek/Butte Area |  State: Montana |  NPL Status: F

Summary: Administrator's site visit pending in 2018.  State disagreement with Potentially Responsible Party on implementation of the remedy. Region facilitating discussions to reach agreement to implement remedy. 


Region 9

  • Site: Orange County North Basin |  State: California  |  NPL Status: Pre-NPL

Summary: Basin-wide groundwater cleanup needed quickly to protect drinking water for millions of Californians/NPL proposal, then listing. 

  • Site: Anaconda Copper Mine  |  State: Nevada   |  NPL Status: P

Summary: State request for deferral of final NPL listing decision. Pursue agreement on deferral decision.


Region 10

  • Site: Portland Harbor  |  State: Oregon  |  NPL Status: F

Summary: Negotiating multiple agreements for design of cleanup and baseline sampling.

  • Site: Quendall Terminal  |  State: Washington   |  NPL Status: F

Summary: Substantial redevelopment opportunity. Determine preferred alternative and issue the Proposed Plan for public comment.

NPL Status Codes

  • Pre-NPL = Under consideration to be proposed to the NPL
  • P = Proposed to the NPL
  • F = Final on the NPL
  • D = Deleted from the NPL

Merit Laboratories is experienced in supporting Superfund projects, including laboratory services for site investigations, groundwater monitoring, remedial investigations, feasibility studies, and remedial action activities. Merit maintains NELAP certification, following the standards established for this program.  Please contact Merit to learn more about how we can assist your Superfund project activities.